ROK Manual Coffee Grinder

$240 USD


“A carefully engineered, die-cast Aluminum manual coffee grinder that can be used to prepare beans for any brew ranging from French Press to Turkish coffee.”
The ROK manual coffee grinder produces incredibly even grinds, all while preserving the nuanced flavor of your favorite roast. The fixture has 48mm conical burrs with an agitator, and has a calibrated wheel with a 12-setting range for setting your preferred ground size. The grinder requires less than half the revolutions of a standard manual grinder taking only about 30 seconds to grind a double espresso, the same time as a quality electric grinder. Additional features include:
– Long lasting Acetal bevel gears for easy grinding.
– Transparent gear window/grip.
– Double bearing drive shaft to prevent wobble.
– Precision die cast Aluminium body.
– Agitator to ensure all beans are evenly ground.
– 48 mm steel conical burrs for consistent particle size.

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