Siracel Home Environmental Health Sensor

$116 USD


The Siracel Home Environmental Health Sensor by Tanita monitors the temperature and air conditions in your home, alerting you by changing color when it detects potential health risks. Compact and discreet, it glows alternate colors when it detects different things: red for possible heat stroke; purple for conditions ripe for mold to fester; green for potential food poisoning; and blue for seasonal influenza. You can then act to countermeasure these conditions, such as lowering the temperature or refreshing the air quality in the room, and avert health risks. The small LCD display on the back also gives you accurate temperature and humidity levels.

The Siracel Home Environmental Health Sensor features:

  • Color: ivory, brown
  • Size: 11.8 x 9.9cm (4.6 x 3.9")
  • Light flashes once per 2 minutes
  • Light/audio alerts can be switched on and off
  • Temperature (Celsius) and humidity display on back
  • Red: heat stroke
  • Purple: mold
  • Green: food poisoning
  • Blue: seasonal influenza
  • Audio alerts are only available in Japanese
  • Power: AA battery x 4
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Siracel Home Environmental Health Sensor
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