Pikachu Talk

$59 USD


Everyone loves Pokemon but frankly no one knows what Pikachu is saying. That's why the Pikachu Talk is such a necessary toy. Hold the Meowth-shaped translator unit up to Pikachu's mouth to hear it interpret what the iconic character is saying to you into Japanese. Pikachu will also ask you to hold him or play with him, so make sure you respond appropriately. Use the translator to understand his requests! Pikachu can get happy, angry, and sad, so always give Pikachu your full attention!

The Pikachu Talk features:

  • Includes interactive Pikachu talking cuddly toy and Meowth (Nyarth) translator
  • Pikachu size: around 25cm (9.9")
  • Translation audio: Japanese only
  • Power: AAA batteries x 2 (not included)
  • Instructions: Japanese


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