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USB Type-C 6 Ft. Sync and Charge Cable is part of a new USB standard that makes it even easier to connect and charge devices. Featuring a fully reversible design, this cable allows you to plug either end into your computer and mobile device. As the successor to previous USB cables, the reversible USB Cable is more compact, more user-friendly and delivers superior charge to devices faster than ever.

Fully Reversible Design
The shape of the connector is symmetrical so you can plug it into a Type-C USB port any way without worrying about it being upside-down.

Charge and Sync
Plug the USB Type-C 6 Ft. Sync and Charge Cable into the USB port of your computer or laptop to charge and sync your USB-C enabled device. Keep your device powered and make sure all your apps, photos, music and other content are up to date.

Charge From Farther Away
At six feet long, this USB Type-C Cable is long enough to reach outlets or ports that are farther away, while still being compact and flexible enough to easily carry.

- Fully reversible – both ends are the same so you can use either
- Supports up to 60W/3A for USB-C device charging
- Symmetrical connectors allow you to plug in regardless of orientation
- Slimmer and smaller than previous USB cables
- 6 feet (2 meter) long
- Durable connector and cord

What's included
6ft (2m) USB-C Cable

Package dimension W x H x D : 70mm x 170mm x 25mm / 2.7” x 6.7” x 1”

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