Home Ramen Noodles Press

$77 USD


Megahouse have stepped in for all those people who have a hankering for the super-thick noodles that you can only get at authentic ramen restaurants.

With the Home Ramen Noodles Press for Kids you can grind out six types of noodles so you can really feel like you have made your own Japanese dish.

Simply feed the noodle base into the press, set the handle to the size of noodles you want, and then grind! 

This fun kitchen item is designed to be easy for kids and the whole family to join in the excitement of making noodles at home.


The Home Ramen Noodles Press for Kids features:

  • Six types of noodles
  • Includes thick and thin noodle cutters
  • Manual press
  • Noodles and ingredients not included
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)
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