Plex LED Cuckoo Clock


Plex LED is a cuckoo clock of minimalist inspiration. A lamp and a cuckoo clock at once. Its clock hands are located under the plexiglass dial, while its small pedestals make this clock one of its kind. The clear methacrylate front matches a birch plywood frame lacquered in a bold, vitaminic magenta hue. Inside the clock, a unique LED light technology gives a soft lighting when plugged in to electricity. This table clock looks a lot like regular alarm clocks, but certainly isn't one of them. A tiny bird in its upper part pops out of the white face and clear methacrylate front when the clock strikes the hour. Plex Led by Diamantini & Domeniconi provides the perfect choice for any desk top, kitchen counter or bedside table - anywhere you might need a soft light and the certainty of always knowing what time it is. On sale online you can find more clocks designed for you by luxury brand Diamantini & Domeniconi. Thanks to the use of premium materials, this clock is sure to last over many years. Its unique look will enhance décors of any sort, from classic to modern. Unobtrusive yet spectacular, this small masterpiece of Italian expertise will add elegance, functionality and an extra bit of quirkiness to your interiors.


Measurements D 10 cm / Ø 29 cm
Materials Wood

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