Pinocchio Barrique Bottle

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The Pinocchio Barrique Bottle lets you custom barrel-age your favorite alcohol in no time flat. The first of its kind, this easy-to-use oak mini-casket imparts incredible flavor within three days. Made of naturally seasoned wood that's been treated for over two years, simply pouring and stowing your favorite alcohol changes the the organoleptic characteristics of your drink of choice, imbuing it with the oaky taste that aficionados adore. Even better, the Barrique Bottle is suitable for all beverages with an alcohol content over 12%, even those that have been previously bottled. That means that every time you buy wine, whiskey, grappa, and more, it becomes a one-of-a-kind creation that only you get to taste. And, the Pinocchio Mobile App gives you tips and tricks every day, even allowing you to share your recipes with others! With the one-two punch of the Pinocchio Barrique Bottle and its incredible app, you'll be drinking like a king, every time.

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