Tamagotchi 4U Plus

$77 USD

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The successor to the hit Tamagotchi 4U is the Tamagotchi 4U Plus, the latest in the global smash virtual pet series by Bandai. It upgrades the Tamagotchi 4U's features with new characters (there's now a total of 40 characters!), plus you can still use the Touch Spots in Japan to get more items. The NFC tech has been retained too, so Tamagotchi users can communicate and exchange things quickly and easily. Tamagotchi 4U Plus is available in a choice of eight colors.

The Tamagotchi 4U Plus features:

  • Colors: green, lavender, orange, blue, rose, pink, yellow, purpl
  • 40 built-in characters
  • NFC inter-device communication
  • Touch Spots are only in Japan
  • Power AAA batteries x 2
  • Instructions: Japanese


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