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Meet HUDWAY Glass — a portable heads-up-display that sits right in the driver’s field of view, eliminating the need to look down at a phone while at the wheel. And the best thing is, it doesn't obstruct your view. 

How It Works

In essence, HUDWAY Glass is a clever phone mount with a fold-down plastic lens. The lens is covered with reflective coating and acts like a magnifying mirror — producing enlarged and very distinct reflection.

Setting it up is a breeze:

1. Start with downloading HUDWAY apps—or any other HUD-compatible app*—on your smartphone.

2. Stick the adhesive base on your dashboard

3. Place your phone on the grippy surface, and...

4. Fire up the app.

Set the app to HUD mode that is reversing the screen image to get a legible projection in the reflective lens. And thanks to the screen’s transparency, the road is easily viewable day or night, rain or shine.

Please note that HUDWAY Glass works best in low visibility conditions (rain, fog, twilight, darkness) since on shiny days you will need to set phone screen brightness to maximum, and even then reflection may appear faded. 

What's in the box

Each box contains promo codes to unlock for lifetime all the premium features of two HUDWAY apps:

  • HUDWAY Go (a GPS navigation app with outstanding route visualisation) and 
  • HUD Widgets (a collection of useful widgets for every driver).

Enclosed in the box are also two mounts to affix the device on your vehicle dash. The new device mounts see improved reliable attachments and excellent adhesive quality. 

Other accessories include a storage pouch, a dash wiping cloth, and a user manual. 

We stand to the quality of our products and welcome your feedback. Please email us for any assistance.  

**HUD mode is a feature that is present in limited nimber of apps, inluding HUDWAY's
*HUD-compatible apps are the apps with HUD mode implemented. 

Remember, your regular navigation apps like Waze will not be legible in reflection mode. We recommend that you try Sygic or Navmii. For more, search for “HUD” in the App Store or Google Play to find all HUD-based apps available today.

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