1. $8.99 F*ck-Off Pattern Unisex Sock
  2. $31 Intimate Night Bodysuit White
  3. $9 Feeling Thorny 3 Pack No Show Socks
  4. $9 Warped Socks
  5. $7 Fragile Socks in Black
  6. $8 If You Can Read This Bring Me a Glass Of Wine Socks
  7. $10 Unicorn Rainbow Butt Socks Funny Mythical Horse Fantasy Footwear For Ladies
  8. $10 Tacos And Avocado Socks Funny Cinco De Mayo Taco Tuesday Footwear For Ladies
  9. $10 Resist Socks Cool Political Activism Protest Footwear For Ladies
  10. $10 Mama Bear Socks
  11. $10 I'm Only Talking To My Dog Today Socks Funny Pet Dog Mom Footwear
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  14. $10 World's Greatest Farter Socks Funny Father's Day Footwear For Dad
  15. $10 The Floor Is Lava Socks Funny Footwear For Guys
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  17. $10 Make America Even Greater Socks Funny Trump Political Footwear
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