Thompson Ferrier

Love our fragrance. Live in style

Thompson Ferrier is where fragrance and fashion meet to create a lifestyle of sumptuous comfort and style.

Fragrance is singular and personal—we fall in love with a fragrance as we do with a moment in our lives. We reminisce through fragrance; its power to recall memory is unmatched: the comfort of a childhood home, the brush of a lover, the sophistication of a Parisian street. When you choose a Thompson Ferrier fragrance, you choose the key in which to live the music of your life.

Fashion is the outward expression of inner style and verve. Like our creative energies, fashion is always moving, evolving, perfecting. Our handmade candles change with the sway of seasons and the mélange of trends all around us. Our candles may be playful one moment, chic the next, then boldly luxurious. When you choose a Thompson Ferrier candle vessel, you choose the style to express the essence of yourself moving in time.

Thompson Ferrier. New York global fashion candles—luxurious in essence, but not always in price. “Love our fragrance. Live in style.”