Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos

Premium Temporary Tattoos made by our Design Studio and Featured Artists
  • Valencia, ES

Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos is a Premium Temporary Tattoo company with the goal of redesign and expand the temporary tattoo market and fit the contemporary trends, and taking good care of their design.

In Tattoonie Temporary Tattoos we are specialized in product design, manufacturing, photography, branding and graphic design. This aptitudes make possible that our team can design and develop our own temporary tattoos that fit actual fashion trends, plus we do collaborations with top and emerging artists that create tattoos for our brand. We call these temporary tattoos TATTOONIES.

We release Limited Edition Collections, so people can keep them as a collectable piece of art/illustration.

All our products are non toxic, completely safe for all ages and printed with eco friendly vegetable based inks. They are produced according to all international safety regulations and certificates ( FDA, ASTM, CE, EN71, ...). After wise research, we can guarantee high quality products that last from 2 to 7 days on the skin, depending on different environment or body agents. They can be easily removed with body lotion or alcohol. The Tattoonies also can be applied on many surfaces like mugs, computers, notebooks...