Tattify is an online lifestyle brand.

Tattify, born circa 2013 in a little office in LA was tatted up as a mere baby.

A collaboration between two close friends, Tattify was conceived of as an alternative to the bland temporary tattoos available today.Plus, if our moms found out we got real tattoos, we’d get an earful – something we would rather avoid for obvious reasons.

As Tattify matured, we realized that we wanted more from temporary accessories.

You might ask yourself, where do Tattify nail wraps come from? Well, when a man loves a woman (or a man, we don’t judge here) very, very much they wish for something magical. And sometimes that wish gets granted in the form of a really awesome product.

Though our accessories are temporary we're committed to taking a permanent place in your heart. Here at Tattify, we don’t judge you based on what you’re into. We’re here to help your skin go BANG with the rest of the world. 

A lot of brands out there want you to look like them. We want you to look like YOU.