Smithers of Stamford

Retro & Vintage Designer Furniture and Cool Gifts

Smithers of Stamford is a Retro Furniture and Cool Gifts design company.

We strive to bring you the very best in reclaimed and Unique Gifts to your home and office space!!

Home and commercial Lighting for Hotels • Cafes • Bars • Restaurants.

Nick’s one word to describe the Smithers brand. “EDGY.”

His business philosophy "Come up with a new idea every day, and grow the business each day with your new idea. Keep chipping away at it!"


Stamford Lincolnshire is where Nick grew up and where the store is located, too.
It’s an old town of 20,000 people. In 2013 Stamford was voted “Best Place To Live in Britain” by The Sunday Times.

Nick’s tips on things to do if someone visits Stamford. “Come to Stamford it’s a stunning historic old town in the UK full of old stone churches and houses and has niche shops, and of course Smithers of Stamford is here!”

Nick isn’t just a store owner.  He escapes to his workshop and builds urban desks and chairs, coffee tables from reclaimed boat wood.

“I'm inspired by my own retro fashion sense.” Nick has traveled a lot and says Asia was a big influence on his style. and also many trips over a 30 year period to London's Carnaby street and Brick Lane.


Shipping information


Smithers of Stamford are not liable for product returns when customers do not reply to Fedex after three failed delivery attempts.

Customers are liable for original outward postage and the return cost to our shop in England Uk.


If the customer would like a re-shipment, this is at the customer's cost and a new postage fee will be applied and charged. If the customer would prefer to take a refund of their failed delivery order, the original postage fee and the return journey costs of the product back to the U.K will be deducted from the refund total.