ResQBattery is a pre-charged, pocket-sized charger that will jumpstart your phone
  • New Haven, CT

With a sleek design and built-in Micro-USB connector, the 1300mAh disposable charger automatically turns power on when you connect it to your smartphone, and makes it easy to stay charged. The integrated Micro-USB connector eliminates the need to carry an extra cable. It also allows you to keep your smartphone case attached and charge at the same time. Pre-charged right out of the box, ResQBattery fits easily in your pocket or handbag, and brings your smartphone back to life when you need it most. And the best part - it’s affordable and needs no recharge!

  • $12 ResQBattery Tiny Pre-charged Phone Battery
  • $18.99 Pre-Charged & Eco-Friendly ResQBattery: Emergency Battery for iPhone/Android