When Seconds Count

QuickSafes is an American manufacturer which specializes in making hidden compartment locked boxes. Notable storage options launched by the company include the benign-looking QuickVent Safe, QuickShelf, and QuickShot. The company is aimed at keeping your valuables hidden-in-plain-sight while also giving you immediate access using an RFID locking system.

Taking an ingenious approach towards security technology, Quicksafes' products have scooped prestigious awards in the security niche. In 2015, the QuickVent Safe was named the Best New Product at the SHOT Show, the largest and most comprehensive trade show for hunting, law enforcement, and hunting industries. The following year, at the same show, QuickSafes had its QuickShelf listed #2 among the Best New Products. QuickSafes is the only company to land on the Top 5 List two years in-a-row.