Pins Collective

Express Yourself

About Pins Collective

We are Pins Collective, a lifestyle and community for people wanting to express themselves. We are 2 seconds and 10,24cm² of your heart and soul and we are hanging by the fabrics on your shoulder.

Our mission is to build a bridge over the gap between internet and reality. We want to give the street artists of the web an opportunity to take their expressions to the here and now that is the physical world.


About Pin One

PinOne is a lightweight digital button, displaying the expressions of your choice. Attach it to your clothes and connect it via bluetooth to your iOS or Android device. Create and share your works with others through the Pins Collective app and wear the expressions you want the world to see.

The display

For an organic feel, the display uses reflective LCD technology, seamless with the fabrics of your clothes. This makes Pin One an easy match with your everyday outfit and helps the content work as an enhancement of yourself.

Wireless upload

Pin One is connected to your iOS or Android device using Bluetooth which makes it easy to upload and switch artworks on the fly.