Your Life. Decorated.

Why PingoWorld? 

When launching our site, we had many long discussions about what to call ourselves. We knew what we wanted to do: build a turnkey solution for people to decorate their lives with art of all genres, including transforming their own cherished images into truly personal artworks. The “World” came easy…after all, we want to build and continuously evolve a world of art to give every visitor an opportunity to view and appreciate artworks across a broad spectrum of styles. 

But what was missing? A connection to the glorious history of art. Art has been around from the very beginning of our time on Earth. The oldest cave drawings located so far are found in The Cave Of The Castle in Spain and date to over 40,000 years ago. Coincidentally, techniques used in that cave are thought to be a rudimentary form of stenciling and blowing paint which happens to be a low-tech version of what many street artists do today! Artistic expression and human life have been interwoven from the dawn of our presence. Art has been used to represent and memorialize significant events, to incite social change, to delve deeper into our relation with our world and our faith…and, yes, to find the perfect complement to our new sofa. From banal to monumental, from controversial to conformist, artistic expression has been our steady companion throughout history. 

So we took the logical next step and tried to figure out a way to communicate the scope of art’s trajectory in one simple word. We turned to Latin because it is a language associated with antiquity whose resonance remains strong today. And then we found it: Pingo! In Latin, pingo can have multiple meanings, but the essence remains the same: To decorate, to embellish, to color. And that is us. We want PingoWorld to be your world to decorate. To embellish a special moment by transforming a digital image to a tangible piece of art. To color your space with art that reflects your beliefs, your dreams, your loves. 

Every one of us has a unique life to live. PingoWorld is proud and honored to be a part of yours. PingoWorldYour Life. Decorated.