Idea design store

Magnum Design is a design firm specializing in product design and consulting.

The company has accumulated much experience and knowhow in the designs of household appliances and personal care items. It received the Reddot Design

Award in 2011. Based on such diverse experiences in the design of products,

it has designed, produced, and sold household items under the concept of

“Design Your Story” since 2012.

Do you have old memories that might have been put in the deepest corner of your drawer, shrouded in dust and waiting to be touched? We are putting out products with emotional designs through which we enable you to take out your valuable old memories one after another and have a word with them face to face. We have sought to develop designs that allow for space for your stories so that they don’t just deliver simple functions of products but share your feelings and communicate them with you.

All our products will help you carry your stories with you.