Products Designed for Joyful Living.

LetterNote creates everyday objects with a simple, minimalist design aesthetic infused with ideas, expressions and reminders to inspire joyful living.

Founded by Anisha and Gurpreet, LetterNote is a coming together of our shared interests in life, design, and art. Everything we do at LetterNote is inspired by a manifesto we wrote together 10 years ago on how we wanted to live our life. The Manifesto has become a living document for us and is about little things, and big goals, of dreams and shared memories, of being yourself and also being a part of something larger.

LetterNote is both an expression and an exploration for us of a new way of life. A life full of extraordinary moments, of escaping the rat race, fulfilling our dreams, getting inspired and sharing it with everyone.


Anisha & Gurpreet