Daring to Be Awesome Since 2004!

Our humble beginnings...

Originally started in 2001, we are a true homegrown business that was built and is staffed by people who use the products and know the product line, and each new product we carry is still hand selected by the original founder, Keith Winter, for uniqueness, function, quality, and value. We are still true to our roots, and you can rest assured that every dollar you spend with us goes to a family-owned company, our employees, and to our community; not to some mega-corporation.

The HomeWetBar story starts in 2001 with a bar Keith built while in college at Oklahoma State University. Every weekend friends and family would come over and admire his redwood bar complete with a see-through bottle cap top, liquor cabinet, refrigerator, and fish tank in the front. Soon people were asking where he got the plans to build it and where they could get them. To this, he simply replied, “There is no kit or plans. I made it from scratch.” After countless people asking about the plans, he decided to formally draw the plans up and open a small bar plans site on the internet to sell them; he named it HomeWetBar.com. Throughout the rest of his college career, he sold the plans on the internet for extra spending money. A couple of years went by, and he graduated from college with dual degrees in Marketing and MIS, leaving Stillwater to pursue a management training program at a new job in Oklahoma City, OK.

After about a year of the management program, things were going well, and Keith had worked his way up into management while still earning extra money off selling bar plans. Then one evening, inspiration hit. If he could sell over a dozen of these bar plans to people every month, didn't they need accessories too? After all, they were building bars in their homes and would need supplies. He already knew more than most people about the bar and wine items. Why couldn't he provide them with supplies too? So he went to work in his spare time, and a few months later in September of 2004, HomeWetBar.com was reborn as a full e-commerce site.