Coloring your life
  • Mumbai, IN

esbe started off as a personal interest & gradually fertilized into a brand. What started off as a discussion over tea, became a passion along the way.

The thought associated with esbe is ‘coloring your life’. This quite much sums it up! esbe is about colors, fun and enjoying the spirit of joy with a dash of creativity. At esbe, we add vibrancy and life to the breathless things around us which form a part of our daily routine. The products under the brand range from Hand Painted Canvas Shoes to Bags, Badges, Photo Albums, Clocks, T-shirts and more.

You maybe thinking why 'esbe'!

Well, its a twisted version of my initials - Srishti Bagaria.

Always having had a bent towards creativity, my yearning for innovation and excellence made way for experiments that in all conceptualized esbe. Another major contributor is my dear brother, Pratik. His business acumen and experience play a very important role in nurturing the brand.

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