the ORIGINAL vinyl wall clocks and accessories made from recycled records

A group of 4 artisans in love with vinyl records!
The DISC'O'CLOCK project was born in 2010 when one of us got his hands on a bunch of dirty records (literally dirty!). The first idea was to develope vinyl jewellery, but it didn't take long before he understood that records were the perfect base for a clock... Few days later the first friends started receiving the first samples... The feedback was so good that the step from idea to business was light fast. Flea markets helped us understanding people's tastes, and which models to develope. Soon after we managed to enter Venice Biennale with our project, but the real boom happened in 2011 when we were first featured on Fab.com (it was still huge in 2011!).
Since then, three other guys became part of the gang, while many other friends were temporarily hired for help when big orders came through!
Many things have changed in 6 years and many people started copying our products, the company started to grow, we started developing merchandise for big name DJ's like Carl Cox and Sven Vath to name a few...We've been forced, and still are forced to learn new things everyday if we want to compete, and still be the best in what we do! But, hey! we turned a passion into a full time job... what can we ask for more?!?
Come visit us on http://www.discoclock.com or http://www.facebook.com/discoclock