1. Faux Pearl and Clover EarringsShare & Lists
    Select optionFaux Pearl and Clover Earrings
  2. Jewel Fin Earrings with Faux PearlShare & Lists
    Select optionJewel Fin Earrings with Faux Pearl
  3. Three Hearts BraceletShare & Lists
    Select optionThree Hearts Bracelet
  4. Five Hearts BraceletShare & Lists
    Select optionFive Hearts Bracelet
  5. Petal EarringsShare & Lists
    Sorry, this item has sold outPetal Earrings
  6. Flower EarringsShare & Lists
    Select optionFlower Earrings
  7. Spring Earrings with Faux PearlsShare & Lists
    Select optionSpring Earrings with Faux Pearls
  8. Simple Pendant BraceletShare & Lists
    Select optionSimple Pendant Bracelet
  9. Beads Charm BraceletShare & Lists
    Select optionBeads Charm Bracelet
  10. Jewel Charm BraceletShare & Lists
    Select optionJewel Charm Bracelet
  11. Metal Tassel NecklaceShare & Lists
    Select optionMetal Tassel Necklace
  12. Beads Honeycomb EarringsShare & Lists
    Select optionBeads Honeycomb Earrings
  13. Jewel Cross NecklaceShare & Lists
    Select optionJewel Cross Necklace
  14. Jewel Cross BraceletShare & Lists
    Select optionJewel Cross Bracelet
  15. Chain BraceletShare & Lists
    Select optionChain Bracelet
  16. Two Layers Bracelet (with, without pendant)Share & Lists
    Select optionTwo Layers Bracelet (with, without pendant)
  17. Blow Kiss EarringsShare & Lists
    Sorry, this item has sold outBlow Kiss Earrings
  18. Hoop Earrings with Sphere ClosureShare & Lists
    Sorry, this item has sold outHoop Earrings with Sphere Closure
  19. Asymmetric Mobile EarringsShare & Lists
    Sorry, this item has sold outAsymmetric Mobile Earrings
  20. Swirl EarringsShare & Lists
    Select optionSwirl Earrings
  21. Jewel Heart EarringsShare & Lists
    Select optionJewel Heart Earrings
  22. Wood Flower EarringsShare & Lists
    Select optionWood Flower Earrings
  23. Long Jewel Earrings (Blue, Yellow, Purple)Share & Lists
    Select optionLong Jewel Earrings (Blue, Yellow, Purple)
  24. Tangled EarringsShare & Lists
    Select optionTangled Earrings