contemporary design pieces

The name ardeola (=the official name of the pond heron bird in Latin) dates back to my childhood, when my grandparents had a sculpture that formed a very slender heron bird with its beam pointing up to the sky - all carved from one single wood. This sculpture has later went into my possession and i have chosen it to become the logo of my company. The sculpture has finally got broken, but the name remained.

Ercsényi Miklós, a Hungarian architect/product designer have launched this venture that designs, manufactures and sells contemporary design pieces like: home decoration items, jewels, furniture, etc. All items are carefully designed and manufactured using high quality and precise technologies and many processes are made by hand.

The style ardeola pieces bear is a mixture of simple minimalist elements in organic or geometric layout. The design procedure starts on computer, and only the best designs reach the real manufacturing phase. As a principle we follow the 'less is more' rule, however the final appearance we try to achieve is more than the minimal. We regularly revise our as a designs and update them - just in order to reach more appealing appearance. Naturally our palette of goods grows constantly, so please check back later regularly to see what's new.

The raw materials that we use are high quality pieces, and the choice of materials grows rapidly. Along with the new manufacturing technologies that we adopt we also introduce and apply new materials that fits to the technologies seamlessly.

The manufacturing processes we use are computer aided precise technologies (like laser cutting) and we constantly expand the range to find the best that fits to our latest designs.