1. Gioielli d'autore Gioielli d'autore 3 itemsTailored hand-made jewels with stable (eternal) roses.
  2. Lunare Lunare 2 itemsThe moon is recalled by the irregular surface embellished by holes reminding of moon craters.
  3. Aimée Noire Aimée Noire 3 itemsEbony and silver jewelry, this collection is for woman with a rock soul who want to unveil it with their fashion style.
  4. Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom 7 itemsA new collection for Teenager Girls who want to be trendy and elegante at the same time. All these jewels are hand-crafted in Italy (Florence) and made in silver.
  5. Fancy Rings Fancy Rings 5 itemsLimited Edition Collection just for Fancy users. The collection features 5 rings in gold with precious stone. Completely hand-crafted, they are designed by Vannini Gioielli following the jewel tradition of Florence.
  6. Teen Collection Teen Collection 4 itemsA girlish collection with animal or geometria shapes. All jewels are made in silver and hand-crafted.
  7. Heart Collection Heart Collection 6 itemsThe Heart Collection shows jewels made in silver and hand-crafted by Vannini Gioielli. All the jewels are hammered and with a heart shape.
  8. Tendre Collection Tendre Collection 5 itemsThe Tendre Collection features a group of fine jewels made in silver with heart and flore shapes. It is the perfect gift for every woman and girl thanks to its gentle and sweet lines.
  9. Florence Memory Florence Memory 3 itemsA new collection based on the main symbols of Florence: lilys. The silver material enhances the elegante of these jewels: a bracelet, a ring and a pair of earrings.
  10. Infinity Roses Infinity Roses 10 itemsElegant collection for woman who love the mix between flowers and jewelry. The flowers are treated to last for years and don't need any water nor maintenance.
  11. Man's Line Man's Line 3 itemsVannini Gioielli is not for women only. You can find jewels for man as well, have a look at our hand-crafted products: cufflinks and bracelet for both formal and informa occasions.
  12. Florentine Style Florentine Style 1 itemRare pieces of hand-made jewelry in gold and silver recalling Florence with its cut.