Men's luxury accessories

Solloshi revisits and reinterprets everyday objects, transforming them into true masterpieces through meticulous designing and with the application of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. Our mission is to redefine the idea of practical luxury through cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, precision engineering and to pour our passion into these luxurious objects.

Solloshi is dedicated to the art of titanium. This high-tech material requires special skills in desing and unique manufacturing methods. Despite the fact that this level of precision and design requires countless hours of engeneering, almost all of our creations are limited editions to preserve their unique nature.

With our luxury cigar accessories, we aim at setting a new standard for cigar connoisseurs. We believe that an exotic cigar deserves no less than the best accessory which preserves its subtle aromas and compliments the quality standard of a Cohiba Behike. Similarly to the cigar accessories line, other Solloshi accessories – such as our card holder, nautical bracelet, money clip, belt, etc. - stand as the embodiment of uncompromising quality and timeless design.

Solloshi is much more than a brand,it is an art of living.