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For nearly 30 years The Markuse Corporation has dedicated itself to celebrating the role architecture and design play in our daily lives. Our purpose has been to raise the collective consciousness of design, regardless of what form it may take: watches, alarm clocks, wall clocks, mailboxes, weathervanes, house numbers, bath accessories or homewares.

For 16 years, President Jack Markuse acted as ALESSI’s exclusive US Distributor and design consultant, dedicating himself to offering the finest and most innovative home products to the US Market. Those efforts contributed to making Michael Graves, Ettore Sottsass, Richard Meier, Stanley Tigerman and Philippe Starck household names synonymous with good design.

In 1990, PROJECTS began producing a series of Architect designed accessories for the exterior of the home. Michael Graves, Stanley Tigerman, Takenobu Igarashi and Smart Design contributed designs for Mailboxes, Weathervanes, exterior House Numbers, and a line of bathroom accessories. This group of production can be viewed in our Archives.

In 1992, PROJECTS began it’s enduring romance with timepieces by producing Michael Graves’ OH Watch. It quickly became recognized as a classic design with an affordable price. Notable watch designs followed from Richard Meier, Stanley Tigerman, and Laurinda Spear of Arquitectonica. PROJECTS recommitted itself to bringing fine design, at a reasonable price, to market.

In 1998, PROJECTS launched Building Timepieces I. Seventeen renowned Architects, who had each designed a museum or performing arts center, were commissioned to design a watch in the image or essence of their building. The resulting collection is as varied and textured as the architects and structures themselves. Contributing Icons include: Michael Graves, Stanley Tigerman, Richard Meier, Charles Gwathmey, Maya Lin, Kisho Kurokawa, Francois de Menil, Cesar Pelli, Antoine Predock, Moshe Safdie, Laurinda Spear, James Wines, Coop Himmelblau, Thom Mayne, James Freed, Eric Owen Moss and Richard Gluckman.

BUILDING TIMEPIECES’ goal was to recognize the great design icons of the 20th century and their work. This is the reason why you will see watches in our Collection such as The Newark Museum Watch or the High Museum Watch.

In Spring 1999, PROJECTS launched Building Timepieces II-Alarm Clocks. Several of the contributors to Phase-I returned to create a collection alive with color and style.

In Summer of 1999, Phase-III of Building Timepieces enters the marketplace as a series of ten 13 1/2″ Wall Clocks designed by Projects’ Architects Richard Gluckman, Michael Graves, Charles Gwathmey, Kisho Kurokawa, Antoine Predock, Laurinda Spear and Stanley Tigerman.

The year 2000 witnessed the introduction of our Architect designed Cookie Jars. This limited production run turned out to be a project that garnered interest from everyone including cookie afficinados to collectors and ultimately lovers of great design. Michael Graves brought his Italian Villa, Palazzo to life, Stanley Tigerman did the same with his Sam/Emma (mom and dad) while Cesar Pelli and Arquitectonica designed Volcano and Innovative Technology respectively. Other contributors included Antoine Predock with Stealth, Richard Gluckman with Inside the Cube and Richard Meier with The White Chocolate Chip!

2001 brought us back to our roots as we focused on design of the timepiece by pushing the limits of what a watch can do. First, by continuing to develop our ARCHITECT DESIGNED TIMEPIECE; watches designed by architects. These watches have a three-dimensional aspect to them. They deal with color, structure and each element of the watch “plays” off other aspects of the watch. Simply put, the beauty, structure and appeal are obvious.

The second collection of our KINETIC COLLECTION of watches direct themselves to a younger and more hip consumer. It is our newest and fastest growing segment of the market. These are individuals who normally depend upon their cell phones or IPODS for the time and are driven by the watches design elements. The interesting part about these watches is that they do something; interactive, if you will. These watches include our best selling ever Reveal Watch which shows the time fading away from the old or just passed by time, and fading into the new. This includes Chroma which utilizes two color wheels allowing the numbers to change colors every couple of seconds and the hour hand to change 16 colors over a 12 hour period. It includes, Iridium, Past Present & Future, Free Time, Equilibrium, Twilight as well as STEEL Reveal. Each of these watches “do” something.

Lastly, our M&Co Collection of watches represent our third category of watches. These are significantly different than the other two, but, none less important as they have roots in the graphic design world. M&Co watches were designed in the 80s by graphics guru, Tibor Kalman, the founder of M&Co. They are thin watches that play upon witty graphics such as the Onomatopoeia, “5” to the 10-One-4 which is included in MoMA’s permanent design collection.

We here at Projects Watches strive to introduce 4 to 6 new designs every year; many as a result of your direct feedback and for that, we thank you!

All of us here at Projects wish to thank you, our customer for all the support you have provided us over the years not just by purchasing our products, but with your comments and suggestions in both the design and product development.

Yours in good design,

Jack Markuse
President Projects