Many people feel the need to play a role or act a way that they believe is "normal"... we're all different and that's what makes the world beautiful. Be Yourself
  • Charlotte, NC

From N$VNE (Insane) founder Dee McKinnon


"I’m from a very small rural town in Alabama where the population was about 500 people and the nearest mall was an hour away. As you can imagine, it was very limited as far as diversity, mentality and style. My parents blessed me with a computer around the age of seven and from day one I was constantly online looking at different clothing brands and styles. Although I was always considered “different” I quickly learned that there were plenty of people across the world who shared similar ideas, styles and thoughts as myself. Once in college, I saw brands such as Random Objects, TrapHouse and UGMonk taking risks based on their ideas and realized it was the perfect time for me to take my shot."

The Message Behind The Brand...

"I felt like one thing that would help me succeed was the message behind the brand. Social media is great, but one side effect is that groupthink has become the standard.
N$VNE Apparel is for those people who remain true to themselves and that’s who we are here for."

Lessons learned...

"Stay skeptical while remaining humble. It’s critical to keep the same development process, seek criticism and pay attention to every design before going public with it. The other part of it is closely examining every type of marketing, SEO and brand partnership that you affiliate yourself with."

"Also, you’ll have countless people contact you about ways to “Take your Brand to the next level”, bring “thousands of customers” to your site," etc. It's enticing and sounds great but as you grow you’ll realize that there is no such thing as overnight success and these things take years to successfully accomplish."

The creative process...

"It’s an almost universal process. Each N$VNE print tells some type of story. Although I’m only 24, I’ve had soooo many experiences, positive and negative, that I’ve put into a design and it’s become an outlet for thoughts, ideas, and emotion. After I finish playing with the design, I go through a series of mockups and narrow those down to what I feel are the best and run them by The Crew-a group of friends who have supported me since the beginning and whose opinions I really value. After we decide which variation looks best, the next decision is which type of manufacturing would best suit the design. From that point I contact one of our models, present the item and once the shoot returns, it’s time to bring it to life!"

  • $25 Donald Trump Does Not Care Hat
  • $35 Be Your F***ing Self Tee
  • $45 B Yourself Pullover
  • $45 Illuminati Sweatshirt
  • $45 Word to the Wise Sweatshirt
  • $45 Go Higher Pullover
  • $35 Love-LESS Tee by N$VNE Apparel
  • $45 LoveLost Pullover
  • $45 Donald Trump Does Not Care Sweatshirt
  • $75 In Ye' We Trust Poster
  • $60 Modern Day Mayans Pullover
  • $125 Waves Jacket
  • $45 B Yourself Baseball Tee
  • $30 King of Hearts T-Shirt
  • $45 Loyalty Pullover
  • $35 Live Tee
  • $35 Donald Trump Does Not Care T-Shirt
  • $35 MT Caps
  • $40 Logo Beanie by N$VNE Apparel
  • $35 Lost Cause Tee
  • $45 A$$A$INS Sweatshirt
  • $125 Lover$ Jacket
  • $35 Break The Rules Tee
  • $45 Stop Smoking Cancer Sticks Tee