Medify Air

Medical Grade Air Purifiers
  • Dover, DE

Medify Air was founded by a visionary engineer and business leaders to help relieve the crisis of indoor air pollution. Every year, the world sees increased air pollution that results in deaths, sickness, allergies, and respiratory issues. Medify Air is dedicated to spreading awareness regarding this crisis and educating the public on the best air purification systems. Most of the products on the market are poor excuses for a truly effective air purifier. It is something we aim to change through education and working in the local communities to give the real truth to our valuable customers.


Our mission is to provide better and cleaner air for our customers to help them live longer healthier lives. We also aim to reduce the symptoms that allergy sufferers go through either seasonally or year-round. We accomplish this by removing harmful particles from the air that aggravate indoor allergies. This is why at Medify Air, every air purifier we design is made with Medical Grade air filters. This makes a big difference that many of the other companies don’t want to address.


The faulty standard the industry bases performance on is CADR (clean air delivery rate) and also square footage of coverage. What they don’t tell you is that a poor-quality filter allows air to blow through a fan faster, so they can “claim to cover more square footage,” while they are not giving you the performance you need and deserve. The same unit with a medical grade filter will cover approximately 15% less square footage, but the quality can be many times better. And the filters are more expensive, so in order to advertise a very low price, companies use cheap and less effective filters. If you have seen the words “HEPA Type,” that really means “NOT HEPA.” This is the tragedy of false advertising that many major brands use to confuse and sell the public less effective and cheaper quality air purifiers in the name of profit.


At Medify Air, you will never get a low-quality unit or filter. Our values prohibit us from selling anything but the highest quality HEPA H13 Medical grade filters. Just compare our unit specifications to others. You will see that we will win almost every time.