LOVEThESIGN. Italian home design style
  1. Christmas Decoration 1 item - Christmas decorations are the details that open up your house during the holiday period. Decorations are the spirit of Christmas. Whether on the wall, inside or outside the house, at the entrance or on the veranda, they give you a constant reminder that the days until Christmas are numbered. Get into the Christmas spirit.
  2. Gardening 7 items - Surround yourself with nature, and your life will be happier. Taking care of your flowers is a tiny yet crucial step towards a lovely green oasis even in urban areas.
  3. Hi Tech 5 items - Beauty lies even in the dustiest of corners. In a power socket, for instance, or in a tablet recharger. Don't give in to the same old grey tech gadgets. Here you can find lots of must-have tech things you will love.
  4. Bathroom Sets & Accessories 4 items - Functionality and discretion are the key words in the most intimate and personal room of the home - the bathroom. In this page you will find contemporary designer items that will turn the time you spend in the bathroom into a real pleasure.
  5. Cute Pet Accessories 9 items - Our pet friends are truly part of the family and deserve only the best we can give them. Treat your cat or your puppy to a special bowl and have fun with lots of cool accessories designed especially for them.
  6. Sticker and Wall Décor 7 items - It doesn’t always take a Picasso to spice up a room: with just a single print or piece of wall art an entire layout can be turned upside down, without having to tear down and walls. Today it’s a framed Warhol print, tomorrow a wall sticker will grace your walls. Prints and wall stickers fill up your walls in style.
  7. Kitchen Accessories 15 items - More than any other room at home, the kitchen tells stories of family times and dinners with friends. This is why it deserves the best of design - to make every meal a true feast.
  8. Al Fresco 7 items - It's time to open the windows, let light in and start living outdoors.
  9. Lighting 16 items - Sometimes good lighting is all it takes to change the look of home spaces.
  10. For Kids Only 4 items - Your little ones deserve only the best. Here you can find a selection of designer furniture to nicely decorate nursery and children's bedroom - cots, changing mats, wardrobes and much more. Plus, of course, toys - safe, stylish and fun.
  11. Italian Style Icons 4 items - It only takes an Italian touch to transform your interiors into something unique.