55 Years of British Audio Excellence

KEF is a British high-end speaker company whose 55 years of history is steeped in its unwavering love of music and style. From the technological breakthroughs of the BBC-employed LS3/5A, to the sleek and modern artfulness of MUON and BLADE, and even partnering with PORSCHE Design, KEF's mission is simple – to craft luxury speakers that look just as good as they sound.

KEF was founded in 1961, and has been offering the world unparalleled sound quality ever since. One of KEF's hallmarks is its Uni-Q Driver Array, which is used in the majority of its speakers. The driver array couples the high-frequency and midrange drivers into one single point, mimicking the way the human voice works – all frequencies coming from one place. Aesthetically, the Uni-Q Driver Array is the focus of many KEF speakers, making it a complex and contemporary crown jewel of sorts.

Over 55 years since its inception, KEF is still innovating new ways accurately reproduce music. From the audio nirvana of the statuesque BLADE, to the portable perfection of the Bluetooth-capable MUO speaker, you'll always hear music the way it was intended to be heard, and you'll always look great doing it.

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