Philips Hue

Your personal smart lighting system. Forever change the way you control and experience light.

Philips Hue smart lighting enables you to wirelessly control the lights in your home and transform spaces with color. Control up to 16 million colors and the full range of white light from the Hue app on your phone or tablet or using voice control with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Home. You can also sync your lights with music and your TV using any of hundreds of 3rd party apps like Hue Disco. Create personalized lights schedules and alarms to gradually wake you up with light instead of a noisy alarm, or use apps like IFTTT to create clever and fun light rules, like turning on your favorite sports team’s colors before their games start or turn your lights a specific color to notify you when your weather app has switched from sunny to raining. When lighting transforms from illumination to an experience, the possibilities are endless.

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