"How does yours hang?"

GuitarGrip offers a new, yet visually timeless take on the conventional wall-mounted guitar hanger. These innovative grips combine practicality with stunning décor, allowing you to store your instruments conveniently and artistically. That’s right- we took an everyday necessity for serious players and re-imagined it to add a compelling visual edge to your studio, practice space, or lair. And they are STURDY too, leaving no doubt as to the safety of your prized instruments.

Every GuitarGrip features:
• Cushioned insert to protect the neck of your guitar/bass/banjo or other.
• Padded felt at the base to protect wall from damage.
• Easy to install, with an embedded ¼ inch 20 steel post. Mounting           hardware included
• Swivels to adjust for most styles of headstocks.

These highly-functional grips bring more to the table than your average guitar accessory. Any veteran player will tell you there is no comparison between a wall-mounted guitar holder and a typical floor stand. Floor stands (especially the cheap ones sold commonly) are easy to knock over, impractical, and often shoddy. Most importantly, they get underfoot, adding needless clutter to an otherwise dynamic workspace.
GuitarGrips are carefully wrought to solve this problem in a way that combines accessibility, safety, and exciting visual appeal.
Musicians and artists know that proper atmosphere and ambiance are critical to a creative mindset. That’s why GuitarGrips are the very best guitar hangers: they visually transform the room into a compelling studio/gallery. GuitarGrips make a great musical gift, but you will do yourself a favor by adding one to your personal collection. Simply install, hang your guitar, then step back and take in the energy of the new image you have created on your old wall.

Functionality, durability, and visual aesthetic- these are the core concepts behind our design. We believe that with a great idea there is no need to over think it. So while we didn’t invent the guitar hanger, we damn sure re-designed it just right.

GuitarGrip is thrilled to offer an exciting array of designs, including a 2015 take on our cult-classic “Grip Reaper”, female Grips, and a line of custom Artist Series Grips. These unique designs give any player from folk to metal a chance to customize their practice and/or living space.
Hailing proudly from Detroit Rock City, we are preceded by a growing reputation thanks to customers voicing their satisfaction on Amazon, Facebook and elsewhere. Music fans worldwide join us in asking: why be boring when you can let it rip? So get yourself a GuitarGrip and join us. The party has already started.


About Us:

Here at GuitarGrip we like to think of our business model as equal parts creativity and hard work. But the truth is closer to the real world landscape of taking an original thought from belief to reality: a certain amount of creativity plus a LOT of hard work. Yet we're happy to do it, because we get to work together as a family to build a dream that we can in turn share with the rest of the world. And who could ask for more?

Being a group of musicians and artists, the concept for the first hand shaped guitar hanger seemed to evolve naturally. We've always enjoyed daydreaming about design, form, and function. The first prototype was sculpted over a kitchen sink, the first mold crafted in a living room. In the process, we reinvented the wall mounted guitar hanger, bringing an artist's eye to the design table.

After working our way through uncertainty and doubt, GuitarGrip was officially born in 2007 with the sale of our first Grip! Together, we have labored and watched our ideas evolve, developing and re-examining every aspect of the process along the way. Over the past seven years sales have grown exponentially, and we have now sold GuitarGrips in over a dozen countries to rave customer reviews.

As a collective we design, manufacture, and market our products in-house. We have also built systems to expedite delivery and ensure the highest quality guitar hangers and musical accessories worthy of your trust and pride. Hailing proudly from Detroit Rock City, a city known for turning ideas into reality, we hope our Michigan-made brand will continue to inspire you to work and play the way it inspires us.