Earth Wood

Having Wood Never Goes Out Of Style

When you wear an EARTH piece, feeling the wood on your skin, you can’t help but feel closer to nature. By wearing a renewable resource as fashion, you show that you are environmentally conscious The beauty of our natural products is that no two are ever alike, just like everything that comes from Earth. The natural woodgrain from a variety of real woods such as rosewood, ebony, bamboo, and more, shine in our watches and sunglasses.


EARTH wood sunglasses are more than good-looking. Central frames are carved from a single piece of solid, natural hardwood, which reduces the chance of splintering or fragmentation. We also apply a protective sealant to ensure they are water resistant and will last for years. All EARTH wood sunglasses also provide full polarization and UV protection.


EARTH watches tell more than time, but also that you care about the future. Unique wooden links are comfortable on your wrist, and the variety of styles appeal to all sorts, for a truly unique piece.



Each EARTH piece is unique due to its natural wood grain. Thus, although the image you see on our site is an actual photo, your sunglasses will appear slightly different.