EPIK Canvas

Modern canvas art that is affordable, fun, and represents YOU!

EPIK was founded in 2017 with one thing in mind - to provide inspiring wall art that everyone can afford. No longer are the days when the rich and famous are the only ones that can decorate their home or office with awesome art. Now you can too.

Our canvases are handmade in the USA from start to finish with high quality and eco-friendly inks. We take pride in the quality of craftsmanship and methods that make our canvases truly a step above the competition.

All of the designs you find on the EPIK website are original creations and the artist gets a part of every sale! They are an interpretation and inspired by the things we see and experience daily that give us motivation, as well as some of the most iconic figures and pop culture subjects of our time.


The EPIK team

  • From $75 Money Talks Canvas Print
  • From $75 Pew Pew Canvas Print
  • From $75 Neon Notorious Canvas Print
  • From $75 Cheers! Canvas Print
  • From $75 Charging Bull
  • From $74.99 Best Day Ever Mac Miller Canvas Print
  • From $75 Ferrari Dreams
  • From $75 Money To Burn Canvas Print
  • From $75 Laughing Leo Canvas Print
  • From $75 Money Rain
  • From $75 Mac Miller
  • From $80 Cash Stash
  • From $75 Neon Tupac Canvas Print
  • From $75 Neon Kisses
  • From $75 Leo Middle Fingers Canvas Print
  • From $75 Johnny Cash Middle Finger
  • From $75 Fun Coupons
  • From $75 Jeep Dreams Canvas Print
  • From $75 Hustle
  • From $80 Big Benjamin Black Gold Edition Canvas Print
  • From $75 The Joker
  • From $75 The Joker Joy Ride Canvas Print
  • From $75 Porsche 911
  • From $80 Big Benjamin 100 Dollar Bill