Dry your boots and shoes Anywhere, Anytime, Quickly & Hygienicly

Drysure Boot & Shoe Dryers allow you to dry your shoes and boots quickly, hygienically & reduce bacteria!

They do not need electricity, heat or batteries to work — yet they're still twelve times more efficient at drying your footwear than traditional air drying.
Perfect for drying all types of footwear.
Drysure are better for your footwear as they don't use heat to dry and stop working when there's no more moisture to absorb.
They can absorb up to 10 days of sweat and moisture before they need drying out themselves, improving the hygiene of your feet and footwear by reducing bacteria.

Reactivating your Drysure's is easy as you just put them near some heat such as a radiator, in direct sunlight, or in the oven.