DeskView - The World's First Window-Mounted, Adjustable Standing Desk

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Featured in Forbes and on How I Built This


awarded by Architectural Digest as one of the Top Smart Home Products.


Escape from your traditional furniture with a beautifully designed surface that mounts easily to any glass or non-porous material. DeskView is third party tested to hold up to 40lbs and stay on for days, months, even years on a single install.


From your office to your home, DeskView is an adjustable standing desk that extends your work or display space in a sleek, minimalist package.



Employ all of the places at work that previously went unused, including windows, glass walls and dividers, and even glass whiteboards.



Extend your home’s functional space by using DeskView as a perfect at-home window desk, a shelf, or even as a side table that blends seamlessly into your decor.



Explore new workspaces. DeskView’s lightweight design makes it a perfectly portable standing desk well-suited for temporary or semi-permanent installation.






  • Easy Installation: Installs in as little as 5 seconds. 
  • Long-Term Staying Power: Can stay mounted for days/months/years on a single install. 
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Glass, metal, tile, or any other smooth, non-porous surface 
  • Weight Bearing: Industrial-grade suction discs hold up to 40 lbs. 
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Hand Finished, Cast Aluminum Housings
  • Sustainable Materials: Sustainably grown bamboo top (natural) [from website shop page]





Surface dimensions

     25 inc. wide x 12 in. deep


Head-on dimensions

     25 in. wide x 6 in. tall



     8 lbs.


Recommended load capacity

     Up to 40lbs on modern, commercial glass




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