Cuckooland is a magical world of stylishly quirky homeware and unique gift ideas!

Welcome to our wonderful world of quirkiness; you're officially at the front door of our unique boutique of creative wonders. Here at Cuckooland we believe in the eccentricity of life and feel that your inner kooky, creative self should be reflected in not only who you are but in what you do and what you surround yourself with, including your home and outdoor living space. Cuckooland is first and foremost a Luxury Lifestyle Emporium & Online Gift Shop which features some of the worlds best designers and innovative manufacturers. But we are so much more than that; with our stylish leader Zebarella at the helm, we have searched the world over to bring you the most wow, weird and wonderful collection of unique and unusual gifts, homeware, accessories and children's furniture in the known Universe. If you’re looking for a child’s bed in the shape of a Caravan, look no further than our Mathy By Bols range of outrageously brilliant kids bedroomfurniture. Does your child dream of being an Astronaut or Fireman or Ballerina? Check out our Snurk range of wonderful kids themed bedding and bedsets. If you’re in desperate need of a handbag that includes a built in phone charger, then you’ll love our Mighty Purse collection. Perhaps you want your home to reflect your personality more, how about a fetching Harley Davidson or Sailing Yacht Weathervane to spruce up your the roof. Looking for some retro interior design inspiration, pop over to our Retro Phones range and have your socks well and truly blown off. Give your garden a zany facelift with our designer all weather outdoor rugs, or take a look at our Lotus BBQ Grills for a stylish and versatile outdoor dining experience. We even have the latest in cool and functional footwear; enter our slip resistant Nordic Wets Boots, developed in Norway - home of Vikings and really slippery surfaces. Or simply find the perfect Gift for Him or Her regardless of occasion, recipient, or age in our wonderful collection of unique and unusual gifts. Here at Cuckooland we're fanatical about our products and believe in offering our customers something that's as unique and individual as they are. Our award-winning site contains the very best products from the four corners of the globe designed to take pride of place in your home and original enough to enrich your life and the lives of your nearest and dearest. Dive in and discover our huge and eclectic range of gifts and home ware, browse our barware, peruse our pet accessories or simply take a peek at our home & garden range and find something that embodies originality in all its wonderful forms or simply choose something that makes you smile.