Chevalier Collection, Ltd.

Patented Stemware for Wine Connoisseurs.
  • Playa Vista, CA

Chevalier Collection, Ltd. was formed in 2011 upon filing for United States patents pertaining to a beverage glass with a fixed aeration system.  Subsequently the company has been awarded US utility and design patents as well as patents in several other countries and territories around the world.

All Chevalier Collection products were conceptualized and designed in California and engineered in Connecticut by the independent firm GYRE9. Our collaborative effort has resulted in the creation of these innovative pieces of fine stemware that resemble nothing on the market today.

When using Chevalier Collection wine glasses, pull the cork on your bottle of choice and pour the wine into the internal vessel of the glass. On the pour, the wine is forced through strategically designed spouts in the base of the internal vessel that stream the wine into the main bowl of the glass. This process creates a shower-head effect that exposes the wine to the most aeration possible on a direct pour. These designs have been laboratory tested and proven to aerate wine just as effectively, and in some cases more effectively, than third party aeration devices.