Designer High End Unique Fashion

Caroline Hallak began styling her own closet at the tender age of 7yrs. old. Her freedom to choose her own wardrobe daily soon turned into a dream come true when at the age of 18yrs. old, she was afforded the privilege of attending; “College LaSalle” Fashion Design School located in Montreal, CA. A few years after graduating, Caroline opened her first boutique/atelier called; “Style Gala” in Montreal. She soon opened a private studio in Beverly Hills, CA that she used primarily to focus on creating one-of-a-kind designs for exclusive clients.

Caroline is a passionate fashion designer that for more than two decades has loved working with rich & exciting fabrics and textures imported from countries all over the world. She makes creations from size 2-24 and takes pleasure in making sure that regardless of size; each customer feels gorgeous, glamorous, and unique for the special moments of their life: from their dream night at prom, to the wedding gown they’ll wear on their big day!

Caroline takes pride in treating every one of her customers/clients with class and dignity. It is her treatment of her customers and clients, along with her pleasant personality that creates the ingredients of her special touch, that turns customers/clients into friends and family. Regardless if she’s working with customers who order directly from her website or if she’s working to design something one-of-a-kind for her celebrity clients like Singer/Recording Artist; Ari Lennox she is determined to make sure that her brand is represented in a fresh and exciting new way. Caroline Hallak Couture continues to produce new creations for both her home decor and fashion that embodies her company’s motto, “Uniquely designed and amazingly made”.

  • $350 Black Denim with Fancy Sides Opening 2 in 1
  • $687 Asymmetric Top with Large print Floral Design
  • $1,387 Guipure Lace Off-The-Shoulders Dress
  • $6,900 Couture Wedding Gown - Couture Fabric from England
  • $11,400 Couture 3 Pcs Evening Gown - French Lace & Italian Silk and Feathers