CSERA Eco Accessories

Unique, artist designed, eco friendly tech accessories

CSERA Apple iPhone cases and Samsung Galaxy S cases are designed for those who love unique fashion forward artwork and fashionable, sophisticated accessories, instantly changing the look of your mobile device to compliment an outfit, occasion or mood.


All of our cases are made from 100% recycled PET certified plastics and we use environmentally safe inks. CSERA packaging is handmade using recycled materials and is beautifully designed ready for gift giving. No real wood or marble cases here! Our cases are made from 100% recycled plastics and do not have a wood, marble or fabric feel.




We start many trends here in the CSERA studio, researching, illustrating and designing totally unique prints just for you, so when you wear our design, not only will you have a totally unique phone case, you will be helping a small, eco friendly, sustainable business and local businesses who we support too!




We are a proud eco friendly business and cases are produced ethically in healthy working conditions and not mass produced in factories. CSERA use completely eco friendly recycled plastic and environmentally safe inks unlike many case manufacturers.


The cost of each case is reflected fairly for the time it takes to produce each item by hand and the limited edition, professionally designed artwork and recycled plastic materials we source ourselves. Supplies and additional services are used locally in our city, encouraging the support for other small businesses like ourselves.

Each print is meticulously checked before production of each case, ensuring the highest levels of quality throughout the process. Our artwork cannot be purchased elsewhere and is designed by artist, graphic and fashion and interior designer CSERA.




Rest assured that you are purchasing 100% original CSERA designs that are protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), Creative Commons Copyright Act, International Trademark and Internationally Copyright Protected 2019.




Sweatshop workers often work long hours for very low pay, regardless of laws mandating overtime pay or a minimum wage. Child labor laws may be violated. Sweatshops may have hazardous materials and situations especially in the tech accessory industry.


You only need to Google 'sweatshop' to see exactly what we are against here at CSERA but many do not realize the poor conditions many employees face when purchasing mass produced items such as phone cases. So each case or garment that we send, you can be sure you know exactly where and how it was made.... with love and care in our design studio by some very happy team members.


When you purchase from CSERA, you are helping to support small businesses and unique talents. Many items are mass produced and are of extremely poor quality. By purchasing a CSERA case or garment, you are contributing to the sustainability of affordable, quality, truly unique hand crafted merchandise.


You’ll love it, guaranteed.


We stand by the products we create, from their roots as thoughtfully sourced materials to the intention from which they’re crafted.


If you are not wholeheartedly satisfied with your order each and every time, drop us a note — human to human — so we can make things right.

With Much Gratitude – The CSERA Team

  • $25 Chakra Clear iPhone Case
  • $25 Mint Leaves Clear iPhone Case
  • $19.99 Waning Moon Journal - Blank
  • $25 Navy Mandala Clear iPhone Case
  • From $35 Raindrop Marble Snap iPhone Case
  • $19.99 Sky At Night Journal - Blank
  • $25 Starry Night Clear iPhone Case
  • $25 Pressed Flowers Clear iPhone Case
  • $25 Succulent Mandala Clear iPhone Case
  • $25 Moon Mandala Clear iPhone Case
  • From $35 Stone Blue Snap iPhone Case
  • From $35 Aegean Snap iPhone Case
  • $25 Fire Coral Clear iPhone Case
  • From $35 Khaki Wood Snap iPhone Case
  • From $35 Bali Wood Snap iPhone Case
  • $25 Pressed Rose Henna Clear iPhone Case
  • From $35 Biscuit Chevron iPhone Snap Case
  • $25 Amaranth Marble Clear iPhone Case
  • From $35 Sunkiss Snap iPhone Case
  • From $35 Silver Wood Snap iPhone Case
  • From $35 Sorbet Stripes Snap iPhone Case
  • $25 Kingfisher Clear iPhone Case
  • From $35 Ebony Marble Snap iPhone Case
  • From $35 Gingham Style Snap iPhone Case