Arcadian Roots

Artisan Crafted, One of a Kind

The name "Arcadian Roots" itself is a calling to take a conscious step back from the "everything now, everything fast" culture our world has evolved into. The word "Arcadian" means "rural, rustic, or pastoral, especially suggesting simple, innocent contentment." We choose the path of a simple, content life filled with love.

At Arcadian Roots, we wish to slow down and truly appreciate the magic and artistry of items we use every day, made with love and care, crafted with our own two hands. Getting back to our roots, following practices and traditions of generations before us.

Arcadian Roots is owned and run by (future) husband and wife team, Kyle and Jenny. Our Artisan Brand currently showcases Jenny's handwoven blanket scarves but will someday expand to other handmade crafts. We love the Maker and Artisan revival movement going on and it feels so right to be a part of it.

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