The Fancy Run Up in NYC An Epic 5 Days of the World's Best Brands and Influencers


NYC is still buzzing, coming off of Fancy’s 2nd annual Holiday Run Up, an innovative retail concept which brought together the world's best brands and influencers to create a once in a lifetime experience for attendees. Fancy, the leader in social e-commerce, has perfected the art of transporting their digital experience into the physical world.

Browsing Fancy’s site or app, you are greeted by an endless array of cool products, experiences, influencers, and the like. Transplanting all of this into the real world is no small feat, and the physical space did not disappoint. Those who stopped by the 25,000 ft location, in the shadow of the High Line, were greeted by awesome gadgets, the latest fashions, and performances by the most sought after artists.

It's possible you got to be in attendance while super model Chantel Jeffries was DJing, or you may have been there to witness Amina Blue, Kanye’s go-to model, do her holiday shopping.

It felt like every few hours, another artist or celebrity was dropping by to take part in the festivities. If you were lucky, you got to watch legendary producer Mike Dean (Kanye West, Travis Scott) produce a hit record from scratch in front of the crowd. Or maybe you were there to catch Rick Ross drop bars in an impromptu freestyle.

It’s possible you got to be in attendance while super model Chantel Jeffries was DJing, or you may have been there to witness Amina Blue, Kanye’s go-to model, do her holiday shopping. Suffice it to say, if you weren’t there the entire 5 days, you missed something. Not surprisingly, some people were there everyday. Not to be forgotten, the Run Up also featured performances by Desiigner, Travis Scott, D.R.A.M., A$AP Ferg, Cam’ron, Rae Sremmurd, Rick Ross and more.

No matter where you found yourself in the space, you were surrounded by offerings from the world's coolest brands. You had the option to turn-up at the coffee bar hosted by Califia Farms, or with liquor tastings by Concha y Toro, 1800 Tequila and Grand Marnier (or do both). Fancy also brought together 40+ of the best up and coming brands, which spawned collaborations like the one between Amber Rose and Janine Cascio, who produced a “F**K YO POOL TABLE” hoodie.

If you couldn’t make it, you missed out. But you can still shop the brands and check out the influencers who were at the Run Up below:

Mike Dean is best known for recording and mixing songs for major artists across the American hip hop industry such as Jay Z, Travis Scott, and Kanye West.

Aera: Aera completely reinvents how you fragrance your home by creating the ideal ambience for every space and every occasion.

WizPack: Being able to take your music on the go while ensuring portable power to all your smart devices is key to today’s busy students, young professionals and all individuals with an active lifestyle.

Audeze: Cool design, a comfy fit, and exceptional sound quality make the headphones well worth their hefty price tag.

Tosso: Tosso is an online store & blog that inspires active, unplugged, fun experiences, through beautifully designed, unique games, products and information.

Bevel: Bevel, by Walker & Company, provides premium grooming products & services, designed to help reduce razor bumps & skin irritation.

Depict: The Depict Frame is a cutting-edge display which represents the new era of elegant and contemporary digital frames for connoisseurs and collectors alike.

DISA: DISA is a line of simple, minimalistic and modern handmade children’s clothes. We use only natural fabrics like cotton and linen, and organic fabrics when available. All of our products are designed and delicately crafted by hand in NY.

Moscow Mule: The perfect combination of vodka and ginger beer, housed in a solid copper mug that kept the drink cold and enhanced its flavor and aroma.

Dot: Affordable and innovative E-Braille reader for the visually impaired people around the globe

Drifter: The drifter ethos is to move forward, to constantly evolve. They create garments that transcend age, time, and space.

Duposh: Duposh crafts a semblance that embodies the essence of individuality and attitude. When carrying a DUPOSH, one must feel the electric charge of confidence and adorn a cloak of certainty.

TrackR: Tired of losing your keys, wallet, or phone? Attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item - then use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds.

GFLN: Throwing a party? From drink sleeves to flasks, we've got the goods. Staying in for the night? We've got a sweater for that. Heading out with your friends? Check out our tees and tanks.

Hover Camera Passport: The first Embedded Artificial Intelligence powered mass-consumer flying camera of its kind that’s easy-to-use, safe, and portable - ideally suited to capture you during your sojourns around the world from breathtaking perspectives.

HButler: HButler has built a credible reputation as a gift (handbag accessories) company, which has made signifcant inroads into the gift, fashion and accessory market.

If & Co: If & Co. makes the highest of high-end jewelry for the hip hop community and young Hollywood. As for the “celebrity factor”, their clients are a who’s who of heavy weights from all sides of the entertainment industry.

Janine Cascio is a Model-preneur

Jiusko: Jiusko (Jee/ass/Ko) is a truly international brand that is proudly manufactured in China.

Koio: The journey began in 2014, with a mission to create our personal dream shoe, one that would accompany us on any quest and adapt to any situation.

Lace By Tanaya: Lace by Tanaya has been spotted on the likes of Beyonce, Zendaya, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Khloé Kardashian, Janelle Monáe, Alicia Keys, and more.

Little Moon Essentials: Little Moon Essentials is a natural bath and body care brand that prides itself in our hand-made products.

Traplord: Traplord is street fashion extension of A$AP Ferg's brand. Traplord is a New York City based clothing and lifestyle company, founded by A$AP Mob member, A$AP Ferg.

Nanoleaf: NanoLeaf doesn’t believe that people should have to compromise style to save the planet.

Neely and Chloe: Neely and Chloe combines their love of accessories with our passion for design that is both elevated and timeless.

Nima: Nima enables people to be their healthiest selves by giving them the power to know what’s in their food.

OXOSI: OXOSI was founded so that the art and design of Afromodernism can live forever. #vivaAfrica

Rare: Rare not only offers "rare" sneakers, but also offers hand-crafted clothing, fashion-forward urban accessories, and high end jewelry needs.

RYU: You will find RYU on the mat, in the box, and in the wild. We run, lift, swim, bike, climb, kick, jump and throw. We measure success in reps completed and laps to go.

Sitpack: Sitpack lets you enjoy all the benefits of portable resting without being a burden to bring along.

Skybuds: Skybud's provide unencumbered audio the way it was meant to be heard. Wherever. Whenever.

SOLSOL: SOLSOL™ is not just a "Brand" name, but a "Statement" for everyone who believes in clean energy, in healing our world (lowering our CO2 emissions) and making a difference "One SOLSOL&trade.

Solar Jar: The Consol Solar Jar™ is ideal for garden lighting, decorating your table and other areas.

The Fragrance Group: The Fragrance Group was founded as the exclusive US distributor for a select group of prestige specialty fragrances.

Watch Gang: Watch Gang wants one person a month to have an awesome Rolex they'll cherish forever and hopefully pass down to their family the way my dad just did for me.

  1. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Chocolate $699 RareBoutique + 395
  2. Sleep Comes Easy Gift Set $24 littlemoonessentials + 292
  3. Partially Iced Micro Jesus Necklace ifandco + 471
  4. MidLayr Hoodie ryuapparel + 286
  5. Audeze EL8 Titanium Lightning Cable Headphones $799 Audeze + 580
  6. That's What Tee gfln + 935
  7. Giant Tumble Tower $130 TOSSO + 6749
  8. Poweraid SOLSOL Hat 2.0 Collection $56 Polyanski + 2608
  9. Depict 4K UHD Digital Canvas $899 Depict + 4436
  10. Nanoleaf Aurora paulmouret + 5489
  11. Griffin Pants $40 disanyc + 1301
  12. TrackR Wallet Tracking Device $30 trackr + 10272
  13. SONNENGLAS Solar Jar Original gastoul + 8502