Make Your Own Fancy!Introducing Marketplace as a Service


A few years ago, Fancy switched from being a traditional e-commerce retailer to a marketplace. As a marketplace, we no longer have to focus on buying and selling products ourselves. Instead, when a sale takes place on Fancy, the product is drop-shipped by one of our vendors and we receive a percentage commission on the transaction. Our customer finds the product she wants, our vendors open up a new risk-free sales channel and Fancy profits without holding inventory. We love this business model and want to help you operate your own marketplace.


Fancy is known for our “experience in experience” in e-commerce. We have partnered with the best consumer internet brands to deliver cutting edge e-commerce experiences to both consumers and vendors including Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Many companies try and fail to build marketplaces because their core competency is selling goods, not building tech. Fancy has spent 10 years developing a world-class marketplace platform. Let us do it for you!


After an early investment from Amazon in the ‘90s, went on to become one of the largest and most well-regarded review sites for outdoor gear. Thanks to a strategic deployment of Fancy’s marketplace solutions, has recently converted into one of the world’s premier e-commerce shopping sites focused squarely on highly-curated collections of premium outdoor gear brands such as Black Diamond, Duckworth and Peak Design.


The Fancy Marketplace as a service platform delivers a turn-key solution for you to operate your own global marketplace. We have spent 10 years building, running and improving our highly available, fault tolerant marketplace infrastructure that performs no matter how quickly you scale. Your marketplace will never go down, and your customers will know your platform is reliable.

Our technology enables you to streamline the onboarding and management of your sellers at scale. Set and enforce rules with vendors to ensure quality control and happy customers. Merchants can easily import their inventory from any system and manage their products, orders, pricing, and promotions.


With the Fancy Marketplace as a Service platform, users can also join your Affiliate Network and earn credits which can be converted to Crypto. Simply post Fancy products on your social channels, and you’re in business! Any time someone buys something after clicking in through one of your links, you automatically get a cut. Amass a nice amount and convert it into old school currency or 21st century Crypto.

Interested in partnering with Fancy to build your own marketplace? Contact us today!