Who We Follow: @MarinaMendes Catching up with the star of Wale's new video

By <b>Billy Robinson</b> Photographer <b>Marina Mendes</b>

At the age of 10, Marina Mendes began taking modeling lessons and participating in beauty pageants in Brazil. By 15, she began working as a professional model, appearing in fashion campaigns, magazine ads, and billboards.

Marina studied acting and eventually moved to LA, and was soon being featured in TV commercials, theatrical productions and music videos. Right now Marina Mendes is turning heads and getting noticed for her role in Wale’s super-hot video, My PYT.

“Home will always be my favorite place, but I recently visited Maui in Hawaii and it felt like paradise. I could definitely see myself living there for a while. I’ve always been fascinated with Egypt and the pyramids, and I’d love to explore there one day.”

In general, Marina buys way too many clothes. She’s always giving things away so she can fit them in her closet. It’s a bad habit. Clothes are not her only problem. She just bought the One Light Smart Keyboard on Fancy that teaches you how to play it by yourself. It’s pretty cool.

As a kid she was always a tomboy. Now she would describe her style as mostly sporty/casual. When she’s hanging around the house, her go-to outfit is a robe and slippers. If you ask her whose style she loves, she’d have to say Rihanna all day.

“My great aunt grew up in a very religious and sexist society yet never got married and was pretty successful on her own. Still to this day she is a businesswoman and is very active, she also has such good energy and kindness in her heart that is contagious to anyone that meets her.”

Make sure to check out Marina in the new music video for PYT by Wale below!