Who We Follow: Lara Ghraoui Model Lara stops by to give Fancy a look into her life and her growing love for photography.


Who is Lara?  If you had to describe her in a couple of words, what would they be?

I would say I'm ambitious, optimistic, and outgoing!

Was modeling always a goal or were you on a different track when you were younger?

When I was younger, I wanted to become a lawyer and for a long time, that was the plan. I wanted to go to UCLA and study law.  However, one day while visiting my sister in San Diego, she walked me into a modeling agency and that was when the idea began to roll around in my mind.  Sometime after, I came across a fashion show on TV, and I would say that was when modeling truly became a dream I wanted to achieve. 

Were your parents always supportive of your choice? Or was it something you more of had to slowly lay onto them?

My mother has always been incredibly supportive of me modeling.  When she was younger, she was all about being a pageant winner and dreamed of becoming an actress or a model, but at that time coming from Lebanon, it was somewhat looked down upon.  That being said, when my mom knew I wanted to model I had all her support! She slowly realized how passionate I became so we moved from Lebanon to Los Angeles so I could pursue a modeling career.  On the other hand, my dad is more conservative so for about 2 years of my modeling, I actually told him I worked at Mcdonalds.

Is there a part of the job you didn’t expect? Good or bad?

Talking to so many models you hear that it can be a lonely job and I perceive it to be the exact opposite of that.  Modeling has given me the ability to meet people all over the world and has led me to have friends in so many different cities!

What has been your favorite moment thus far?

I think one of my favorite moments was traveling to Merida, Mexico for a job and I swam in a cave full of clear blue water.  It was incredible.

What are you currently working on?

At the moment, I am working on expanding my clientele to work with more clients in NYC, since the majority of them are in London and Los Angeles right now. 

I see from a bit of IG stalking that you’ve been on the other side of the camera, how'd you get into photography?

I picked up photography as a little hobby mainly because I wanted to learn what it was like to be on the other side. I ended up really liking it, though I still have a lot to learn about it.

Where do you see yourself going as far as career wise?

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to go to law school which takes around 7 years to fully graduate from, so I always thought if I could put the same amount of time and energy into modeling as I would have put into law, how far would that take me? So I guess let’s see how far I can go

Any advice for the kiddies?

As cliché as this sounds, never give up. I know from personal experience that people might put you down about what you want to do, but if you can see yourself somewhere and truly believe you can be or do something, then you absolutely can, and nothing, but your own opinion should change that!  Again, never give up and strive to be the best that you can be.