Who We Follow: Isaiah Trusty Cool kid Isaiah sits down with Fancy to discuss his rockstar life.

By jhazmyn sandifer

If you allowed his mother to tell it, Isaiah Trusty always possessed the ability to connect and relate with others.  A gift he’s carried since childhood, all the kids from the neighborhood gravitated towards him despite lacking anything to offer material wise. Isaiah realized this and made a career with such ability.

The road to success wasn’t a clear one, according to him, he had no idea such a life was possible and stumbled upon it more than anything.  He didn’t have a specific dream when he was younger, and he was interested in pretty much everything, working every odd job possible when he was a teen.  Even after receiving a marketing degree from Villanova, Isaiah was more lost than ever.  The only thing he was sure of was, he wanted to be able to provide for his family. He decided to disregard all the school work he put in and snagged a job as a men’s assistant buyer for Urban Outfitters.  The position didn’t last long and after a year he craved more for himself.  He had his eyes set in New York City and no matter how shady it was in the beginning, once he set foot in the big apple, there was no turning back.   He became obsessed with meeting every single person he could, emerging himself in the nightlife and 12 years later he secured a position at Up & Down as a regular promoter.  A combination of his passions: fashion, pop culture, and music.

Despite his night-time occupation, his day begins while the sun is still out.  You would hardly find him in an office though, he’d rather be out in the city,  surrounding himself with the people and their energy.  It keeps him on point.  And when he isn’t working, you could find him spending time with his girlfriend, or traveling, all while checking out festivals and concerts.

When he isn’t partying with the cool crowd, Isaiah has a project in the works that takes up a good part of his daytime.   A collaboration with Fancy titled “Trust the Process”.  His goal was to give influencers a platform to tell their story besides what we see on social media.   Social media has become a big factor in the creative world with people turning their likes into business ventures and Isaiah wanted to show that journey or process as the play on his name would tell.

With fashion being a passion of his, he would describe his own as a little different, eclectic, a mix of different things, but like a majority of people, it has evolved over the years.   Despite the changes, elements from his inspirations such as Lenny Kravitz have stuck with him. Black Rockstar as he describes it, is the foundation of his looks.

In terms of music, his second passion, thanks to his older sister, he grew up listening to R&B heavy.  Even then, he enjoyed rock and electronica music.  None of which had the same effect, artists such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and Kanye West had on him.  “They changed my life, and I've never turned back.”  Words Isaiah used to describe the trio.   If one is struggling to adapt to the new sound of hip-hop, “mumble rap”, take Isaiah-a-lover-of-the-culture’s advice and actually attend a live show.   The passion, excitement, and energy from the kids are contagious.  Once again everyone from different walks of life are coming together again.   For him, having mosh pits, an element of rock music now meshing together with hip hop is the best of both worlds.  

After the ups and downs, it would be surprising if he didn’t have any advice for the kiddies.   Connect with people, and he means actually talk and connect.  Not from behind a screen as many people of this generation are used to.   You never know who anyone could or will be in life and what that will mean for you.

When asked for any last words, Isaiah kept it short and sweet: “I’m excited for the next chapter of my life, and I’m appreciative for every experience good or bad I’ve had while living in New York..”