Storefront by Fancy

The full-spectrum solution — manage your business on the back-end and grow it on the front-end, using your own custom domain.


Storefront Themes

Choose from a selection of beautifully designed themes.

  • Mobile Ready Everything is mobile-ready right from the start. Your customers can browse and buy from your store using any mobile phone or tablet.

Customize Your Theme

Every website template comes with its own settings so you can quickly and easily customize your Storefront's design.

Pick a theme and easily customize the images, colors, fonts, and more to fit your brand.

Preview your Storefront as you're making changes to it in the theme editor.

  • Custom CSS Give your store a unique look by customizing the CSS directly.
  • HTML Editor You use the Edit HTML/CSS page to make changes to the HTML, CSS, javascript, and liquid code in your theme files, and to add new images and other files to your theme.
  • Advanced Content Add products, text, links, images and other featured content to your store.

Fancy Warehouse and Logistics

Store your inventory in one of Fancy's warehouses. Your orders will be picked, packed, and shipped the most cost effective way based on your shipping preferences.

  • Fancy Warehouse Store your inventory in one of Fancy’s warehouses free of charge.
  • Logistics We’ll pick, pack, and ship your items on your behalf. Track everything in your own dashboard.
Get Started

Any questions? Contact our support team at (917) 746-9895 or check our help section.
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