FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox
$35 ovgwebdesign + 30799
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  • Lad6Dvan @Tupirix: Agreed! If we recycle & reuse all the plastics scattered amongst the globe the world would be a more healthy environment to live in. Now how about those petroleum-based exhaust fumes and the benzene compounds that make our airspace so toxic? Emitting from car exhaust in areas that still have not mandated car emission testing & controls. Yes, huge issue!
  • nico300 Clever !
  • slique84 Awesome, save those saran warps
  • zoumonkie Add a cat, sugar, and vinegar; by lunch you'll have sweet and sour chicken.
  • veena_narasimhan What an awesome idea!
  • giigle good
  • pinkcrown great idea
  • vnugg WTF
  • RosieBrosie What if you want to bring an apple?😂☝️🍎🍏
  • DPantaleone @rosiebrosie I don't get your joke. I think it would easily hold an apple

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